Making healthcare
e-portfolios feasible for every organisation.

MedAll is an easy-to-use, healthcare training tool that is designed make it possible for every organisation, country or healthcare system to implement gold-standard training.

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Our tool is used across 10 universities and supported by the following organisations.


Making excellent training affordable for every organisation. Globally.

E-portfolios can be expensive to implement. Our passion is to see gold-standard healthcare delivered globally, so we've built our tool in a way that makes it within the reach of every healthcare organisation globally.

An easy-to-use healthcare training portfolio.

Easily deploy an e-curriculum for your staff.

Healthcare staff can easily follow the curriculum on their phone, computer or tablet.

Healthcare staff can electronically record their development against the curriculum.

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We help you to provide gold-standard healthcare training.

E-portfolios have been shown to have a positive effect on the standard of healthcare training.

Better training
Better care

We help you use limited training resources more effectively.

Find and fill gaps in your workforce skillset.

MedAll can help you find where there may be skill or training gaps in your workforce- allowing you to target your training resources more effectively.

Consistent training standards.

With a MedAll training record you have evidence that your healthcare staff are trained consistently to the highest standard.

Your staff are always learning new skills.

MedAll has a centralised place to conduct appraisals, meaning supervisors can set goals with their team to ensure they are always developing.

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